Evolution into the New World –

with Hope, Inspiration and Transformation. 

The Vision of HIT-Talks.

  • Do YOU want to FEEL that YOU are not alone?
  • Do YOU want to FEEL and know that others have/or are still experiencing, what YOU are going through, what YOU are FEELING?
  • Do YOU want to hear and learn how others have transitioned through their lives, including their failures, honestly…….. So that YOU may not need to go through the same?
  • Do YOU FEEL that there is a reason that YOU are reading this page? EVERYTHING happens for a reason!
  • YES, YES, YES!
  • HIT-Talks really is FEELING as well as Hope,Inspiration & Transformation!
  • To spread love and hope into the world.
  • To inspire the viewers with wisdom from people being raw and real. 
  • To give viewers the confidence and insights to how they really can transform their lives, even if one step at a time. 
  • For them to be able to see, (or feel) the first step even though they may not see the whole staircase (Martin Luther King Jn) 
  • To deliver this with souls (speakers) with no hidden agendas.
  • No selling or frequency of receiving.
  • To serve and with this being broadcasted with the energetic vibrational frequency of 8. 

Why 8 ? 

8 people, 8 minutes each, 8 different perspectives !

8 = Harmony, Infinity, Balance, Empowerment and, One Heart. 

HIT-Talks are short bursts of Knowledge & Wisdom to give, Hope, Inspiration & Transformation all over the globe for FREE.  

What makes this special is that the overall majority of HIT-Talks “speeches” are not planned or rehearsed, not created from a presentation.

The idea behind the show is that each speaker speaks from the heart sharing what they feel needs to be delivered at that moment.

Raw and Real.

Pulling wisdom from their heart and of course experiences, at that time. 


is a feeling of expectation, a desire for something to happen, a wish.

It is to, expect with confidence, to be in an optimistic state.

HIT-Talks will put YOU in that state. 


Is a process of being mentally stimulated to do something or to feel something.

An enthusiasm to give you creative ideas.

HIT-Talks will inspire YOU to breathe life into your ideas (Inspire in Latin means “to breathe into”)


Is a marked change in form or appearance.

To become aware of the old self and to choose to integrate into the new self.

HIT-TALKS gives you the wisdom, the experiences, the knowledge, the lessons and the context so YOU can make a change in a direction that is effective for YOU and feels right. 

The whole concept of HIT-Talks is to be a facilitator for YOU to return to the path of YOUR paradise.

To assist YOU on your journey, whatever that maybe for YOU! 

HIT- Talks gives snippets of Inspiration, (and Hope & Transformation) and brings YOU the guides which will help YOU on YOUR journey to awaken.

We have assembled some of the greatest minds in the world to act as guides to shepherd YOU to be able to access the deeper dimensions within yourself.

To allow YOU to fulfil YOUR dreams, desires, wishes or legacy!

Transform YOU, which allows YOU to help transform the world.

If you want to be a speaker at a future episode

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Meet Vikki.

The Founder of and Host of HIT-Talks, Vikki's background is in finance and business in the corporate world and also made her successes being a multiple business owner and private property investor.

However, she was called to do something more and embarked on a new journey 5 years ago. Her search for meaning and to live her life mission.

She is profoundly grateful for the opportunities she has had to reach out to many, through the medium of global live events, talks, books, radio and soon to be television.

She is the queen of finding amazing, inspirational guides & putting them together at HIT-Talks, to help YOU to get more of what YOU want in YOUR life.

"I have committed my life from being a successful chartered surveyor, multiple business owner, property developer and investor, to bringing these people together so YOU can access their genius and brilliance of what allowed them to live the life of peace, joy, fulfilment and success".

"I wish to bring “magic” & “abundance” into people's lives".