Hope, Inspiration & Transformation  



at 10:00 PST / 11:00 CST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST /03:00 AEST


on SATURDAY 6th JUNE 2020

8 different perspectives of life & conscious awareness

Let us take you on a journey.

36 years ago, in 1984 a conference platform was created with “ideas worth spreading”.

This platform started to share ideas of design, tech & education.

Giving speakers 18 minutes which was said to be long enough to flesh out an idea and short enough to hold people’s attention........

This platform evolved massively into different areas. 


So has the world "evolved massively".

We currently find ourselves in a: 

  • New world
  • New earth
  • New era


  • NEW ideas that need spreading

Check the Speakers Bio's Out Below!

Our attention spans have shifted

Our brain gets overwhelmed

So much information 

We truly feel that in our NEW WORLD, we need something new!

  • Something that can hold our attention span
  • Something that isn’t censored
  • Something that isn’t controlled
  • Something with no hidden agendas
  • Something that enlightens us
  • Something that grows us 
  • Something that truly has the mission of spreading


A rebirth to take us all to the next stage of the world

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We truly believe what happens in these LIVE episodes of

Hope, Inspiration & Transformation

will impact the collective in profound ways. 

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This LIVE Episode starts at 18:00 pm British Summer Time

11:00am MDT / 13:00pm EDT & AST / 10:00am PDT / 19:00 CEST / 03:00am AEST



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Meet your host, Vikki Thomas.

Vikki's background is in finance and business in the corporate world and also made her successes being a multiple business owner and private property investor.

However, she was called to do something more and embarked on a new journey 5 years ago. Her search for meaning and to live her life mission.

She is profoundly grateful for the opportunities she has had to reach out to many, through the medium of global live events, talks, books, radio and soon to be television.

She is said to be:

A guardian angel who not only inspires her followers, but energetically heals people all over the world utilising the Quantum Field.

She brings “magic” & “abundance” into people's lives. 

"Vikki has exuberant passion, perseverance, and energy to nurture others with unconditional love and light, so that they can flourish in life to their fullest"

~Dr Sanjiv Chopra~