What People Say About HIT-Talks

“HIT Talks delivers incredible value to its audience by attracting world class speakers who deliver their best work in under 8 minutes. Each episode creates an interconnected web of brilliance that enrolls the audience into new ways of thinking and being. This approach is delivering and incredible impact at a time when we need it the most. I am truly grateful for HIT Talks and honored to be among the great speakers on this platform.” 
- Bill Carmody .

"My experience as a HIT Talks speaker was phenomenal and one of a kind. The concept is one I hadn't experienced before or since. The other speakers were inspirational as was our host - Vikki. It really gave me pause to stop and think of the little things that get overlooked everyday. It also galvanized me into actioning very overdue and neglected projects. Thank you Vikki for creating that space… "
- JLaura Jn Pierre

"My experience speaking at Hit Talks changed the way I see and face public speaking. I’m not a professional speaker, thus been on Hit Talks gave the confidence and the extra push to get out there and express myself without fears.

Also, the safeness of the environment helped me to feel relax and confident in my abilities to communicate freely. Hit Talks is a judgement-free zone, where you will always learn something. "
- Javier Torres

Virginia Salas Kastilio is a  hyper connector and serial entrepreneur who was named one of Inc. Magazine's top 26 Women to Change the World.   She is an internationally acclaimed speaker, marketer, activist & Founder of I Trust You & Gini.Tv. "I Trust You" is a multinational venture capital conglomerate with subsidiaries such as: “Human Trust Logistics, “Humans I Trust” and “I Trust University”, bringing trust and human connection into the center of business. Virginia's purpose is to reconnect humanity and regenerate our Earth.
Founder and Principal of The British School of Etiquette, Philip’s passion for etiquette, manners, quality and service has led him from the wine hills of South Africa’s Cape to the world’s most dynamic cities in a career spanning more than 25 years.  Philip Sykes brings his outstanding interpersonal and motivational skills to every course he runs and effortlessly puts people at ease with his charismatic approach. It is testament to his enthusiasm and relentless drive that the school is the only one of its kind to become accredited by CPD, Investors in People and ILM (part of City & Guilds) and is now a Centre of Training Excellence.
Kyle Butler is a former pastor, who although, he's no longer have a physical congregation, he would consider his self to still be an inspirational motivator.  He loves helping people, recognize the love and light within them.  He is currently doing online coaching events and some podcasting.  He is also co-hosting a live show on Facebook at Graceline.
Derrick Day is a dynamic speaker, teacher, author, and leadership coach. He is a 30-plus year veteran of Information Technology (IT) consulting and management. He is a founder and former Pastor of Agape Dominion Outreach and Founder and Bishop of Kingdom Covenant International, a ministry governance organization.  Derrick has been actively involved with community activism and development. He has also served as a youth sports coach in football, baseball, and basketball.  Derrick’s personal mission is demonstrating how Love transforms and impacts every area of life — including relationships, business, education, and government.
The founder and CEO of Beautiful Minds. Beautiful Minds is Australia’s leading provider of mental fitness and life skills education for preteen boys and girls aged 8 – 12 and teens aged 13- 17. The company’s mission focuses on calculated pre-emptive strikes on the conditions that lead to children transitioning from overwhelm to PTSD and trauma.
Carlyle is a world class certified coach and speaker. He helps men and women get out of their heads and back in the driver’s seat of their life by dismantling limiting beliefs whilst simultaneously supporting the implementation of their new life plan. Carlyle’s number one passion is working with young people and daring them to dream and achieve their most audacious goals.
Lorene is an insurance executive turn founder of Clarendon Wallace, a corporate coaching and leadership consulting firm in Bermuda.   She is passionate about creating next generation leaders and thrives in highly visible engagements with high-performing individuals. Lorene is married to Eugene and they are proud parents of three young adult men.
Robb has had a unique career as an impact executive in international corporate leadership roles and as a professional and international sportsman.   He has a passion for human performance using unique people analytics to validate and illuminate how a person operates without judgement. He supports and enables people to understand and unleash their talent to the world.
Charles is a green entrepreneur and sustainability expert. Post BP, he became Director of GreenOrder, Managing Director of Good Energy and then co-founded SecondNature, a leading sustainability consultancy for blue-chip clients such as Tesco, which was acquired by Anthesis Group.   Charles has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management. He is now Founder of Sustainable Future for All and on the UN’s COP26 climate champions team.
Niraalee Shah is the founder of Image Building and Etiquette Mapping India. After becoming a certified international etiquette trainer with The British School of Etiquette (BSE) in England, Niraalee decided to share the training, vision and mission of BSE with India. She then partnered with BSE to set up The British School of Etiquette India.   As the CEO of BSE India, Niraalee aims to extend her wealth of knowledge to corporates and organizations globally in India who wish to acquire the skills and confidence to radiate positive energy and engage entrepreneurs embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance by creating a brand that commands premium pricing through brand experience, and added value of customer experience.
Tallulah is an architect who cares deeply for the environment. She is an educationist who places great emphasis on 'outdoor learning'. She is an avid traveller, explorer and keen observer of life. Her musings find expression in words and pictures on her blogs and a monthly newspaper column that she writes.
My spiritual calling, unveiled in 2010, is my living truth. I endeavour to lead through example. My Truth is facilitating fellow humans to achieve 'Spiritual Freedom' by integrating all of life; with love, truth, and compassion. I pray to assist each one, recognise the divine potential within themselves and others.
My Truth is that people can overcome extreme conditions, injustice and trauma. The power of forgiveness, a positive mental attitude, and the value and importance in gratitude, bring true freedom. Don't let the past ruin your future or create your own prison whilst totally free with trivial issues.
My Truth is that people are born equal. Positive affirmation and relevant support will enable each one to achieve their full potential and serve their life’s purpose. One of my tasks is to show the ‘’underdogs’’ what they are capable of, through sharing success of people who look like them.
Born in the spirit of "The Archer", a life traveller and truth seeker – she loves to write about life in all its hues; hoping that one could find inspiration and courage through her writings. Mystqx Skye is a Zurich-based writer who authored: Bared - Beneath a Myriad of Skies.
JBranded Entertainment and Marketing Executive orchestrating National sponsorships for Tours produced by CMN & entertainment programs for Fortune 500 brands.  Elena has a passion for philanthropy as a member on the board of directors of Maestro Cares, founded by Global Star, Marc Anthony & Icon producer Henry Cardenas. They help disadvantaged children in Latin America & USA by creating orphanages & community centres to support their academic dreams & basic every day needs.
Shadi Ganjavian-Connor is a Hampshire based philanthropist, adventurer and public speaker.  An extraordinary talent for inspiring others, fueled quite simply, by her sole desire to help the world.  Co-founder of SHAPE Hampshire and Founder of Team GC. Shadi is a fellow of The Royal Geographic Society.
Zafran Khan  is a Business Advisor and Sales trainer with 28 yrs in Direct Sales spent in Cooperate and private sector last 12 months spent at FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), as a Business Advisor helping small medium and self employed’s business to achieve their ambitions. Previously, Zafran worked as Sales Rep and Sales Manager in B2B and B2C. Selling various products from various industries and managing Sales team’s.
Erica Lester is a soul embodiment guide, purpose-driven business mentor, quantum healer,  and  the host of the Rebel Reality podcast.  And now she guides and encourages women from all walks of life to embrace their inner rebel, make their own rules, say screw it to the status quo and create a life that is perfect for them - inside and out.  She wants you to know that the path to what you desire is through being more YOU.
Lidia Sicilia is a Wellness Warrior, as a two time cancer survivor she is passionate about spreading awareness in connecting Emotional Hurts and Trauma to our physical health.  Lidia is Certified as a; Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Foot Reflexologist and leads Guided Chakra Meditations and Self Love Day Retreats in Toronto Ontario.